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Documentation of work in the field

Pictures from Venzeo mobile app can be relied on as a evidence of your finished work or any issue that prevented you from finishing it.

Report within seconds

In the field, speed is a priority. Taking a picture, selecting project, category and sending the report takes just a couple of seconds.

Regular photo documentation

Regular photo documentation improves the quality of your services, efficiency of processes and morale. Finding the right report is fast and simple.

Pictures with additional information

Show the quality of your work through pictures with information about time, place, employee, project and customer. Use this to your advantage.

Proof from the field

Protect your business with visual documentation from the field, so you know exactly who did what, when and where.

Employee protection

Employees can protect the quality of their work with pictures of its state or completition.

Precise time and place

Venzeo attaches GPS location and a timestamp to every report. Use this to find reports from a specific day or area.

Usable indoors

Venzeo works at locations without GPS as well, such as building interiors, shopping malls, tunels etc…

No complicated training

Venzeo works immediately. You do not need to train your employees. Venzeo is easy to set up and comes with a set of tutorial videos showing its features.

Structured information immediately and visually

Every report is available in Venzeo web app, where you can work with them immediately.

Instant synchronisation

All reports are immediately synchronised with web version of Venzeo. There you can access them securely anytime, anywhere.

Automatic notifications

Make sure the right people have the right information. Venzeo can send automatic notifications to selected people or institutions relating to specific issues.

Neatly organized information

All the reports are displayed in an organized fashion including important data such as time, GPS location, category, employee ID and comments.

Quick search

Records can be filtered by various parameters, so you can find the right one. For example, that one record from last week filled by a certain supplier.

Export and share

Export your data into a neat PDF or CSV file. Share it with your customers through a secure link or e-mail. Show them the records they need to see.

Simple integration with your CRM

Connecting Venzeo to your CRM or company system is simple thanks to our robust and secure API.

Gallery or map

Use visual documentation visually. Display all your reports on a map or in a gallery and save hours trying to understand complex data.

Secure solution

We value privacy and data protection. Venzeo has 256-bit SSL encrypted communication channel. We do regular data backups, our servers are monitored 24/7 and meet ISO 27001, PCI DSS Level 1, FIPS 140-2, SAS-70 type II FISMA Moderate. We allow IP access filtering. 

Statistics & Business Intelligence

Understand complex sets of business data by displaying them on simple charts.

Overview of data

Use different charts to visualize differents sets of data to work with them more efficiently.

Most common issues

Prepare yourself for issues you face in the field most often.

Most frequent locations

Pinpoint the most frequent locations for issues to arise and prepare for them.

Most frequent days

Identify the days when most issues arise and make your processes more efficient.

Employee activity

Find out which issues your employees encounter most often and make them more efficient at solving them.

Supplier activity

Compare outputs of different suppliers and ensure high quality services.


“We have more than two years of experience with Venzeo. Our workforce in the field has a device with Venzeo and documents all found issues.”

Roman Achimský, CEO, OLO a.s.

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